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The five largest cities in arizona are: PHOENIX,TUCSON,MESA,GLENDALE,SCOTTSDALE, each of these cities has a seperate population demographic and makeup that requires a variety forensic nursing services to meet the needs of that specific population.

We have begun amassing a database and network of services to help users and forensic nurses find the best centers for training in arizona and know who to contact to answer any questions.

*Within our members area contains further breakdowns and addtional contact information (approved by users only)

The Members area allows us to deliver the most relevant and up to date information to you as quickly as possible. If you have a desire to help compile information for arizona please use the contact us section to help our efforts.

Population Demographics Breakdown for AZ - ARIZONA

ARIZONA Demographics

Racial Profile for ARIZONA:
Asian 92,236 1.80%
African American / Black 158,873 3.10%
Hispanic 1,295,617 25.25%
Indian 255,879 4.99%
White 3,873,611 75.50%
Other 596,774 11.63%

Total 5,130,632 100%
Gender Demographics for ARIZONA:
Male 2,561,057
Female 2,569,575
Age Demographics for ARIZONA:
Overall 34.20
Male 32.90
Female 35.50
Housing Data for ARIZONA:
Average Home Income $40,558.00
Average Household Value $121,300.00
Average Persons per Household 2.64


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In an effort to better organize data and local resource specifics we have made a state profile page to help get you the information you need with regard to common questions like:

  • arizona Area Hospitals
  • arizona Forensic Nursing Organizations
  • arizona Law Enforcement
  • arizona Crime labs
  • arizona Rape Crisis Centers
  • arizona Sex Offender Registries
  • arizona Testing Centers
  • arizona Nurse Recruiters
  • arizona Community Programs
  • arizona Sponsored Programs
  • arizona Physician Resources
  • arizona Prosecuting Attorney Listings
  • arizona Defense Attorney Listings

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