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What is the legal age of consent for sexual activity

The age of consent for individuals to engage in sexual activity varies widely across the globe do to cultural differences. In some parts of the world the age of consent can be as young as 9 years old. Others go all the way up to 20 years old. Saudi Arabia has no formal law declaring an age of Consent but does stipulate that the individuals must be married.

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Important Notes about Age of Consent

In many states there are specific rules may apply to an indivuduals ability to give consent. These rules may deal with the age difference between the two parties who engage in sexual activities, or dictate the type of crime that may be prosecuted based on the the situation of the parties involved (abuse of authority, type of penetration, age differences, etc.)

The information contained on this website is meant as informational only and should not be interpreted as professional legal advice. We make every effort to be sure that we have the most up to date content and learning resources available, but laws change constantly and this information may not represent the law currently in effect. Please consult with an attorney for professional legal advice.

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