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What is Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nursing is an emerging new profession for nurses who are looking to expand beyond their core nursing abilities and become experts in clinical diagnosis, make the jump into legal nurse consulting, assist in criminal prosecution cases, provide care to sexual assualt victims, and host of other areas of specialty. If you would like to learn more abour Forensic Nursing and what it means to be a Forensic Nurse, check out our new section called "What is Forensic Nursing". We also recently added a new section called "Forensic Nurse Salary" which goes into detail about what types of financial benefits a Forensic nurse can expect to recieve for completing all of the continuing education required to become a CFN.

There may be a Nursing shortage being felt around the country for Nursing Jobs, those nurses who are looking to specialize in Forensic Nursing may find it more difficult. Forensic nursing is a very new field that has not really caught the mainstream of many hosipals systems yet. This website was designed to help promote a better understanding of what forensic nursing is, and what the benefits having a forensic nurse on staff or the ability to contract with a CFN can provide to a healthcare provider.

Maybe you are unfamiliar with the following acronyms for Forensic Nursing, CFN, SANE, SAFE, FNE, SAE, and more. wants to be your total resource center for all things pertaining to forensic nursing, local sexual assualt resourses, Forensic nurse training, and more. is constantly being updated. Everyday new content and Nursing resources are added. We recently added a new section on Sexual Assualt information If you have a topic that you would like to see discussed on our website please let us know.

New resources regarding hard to comprehend topics like; Was I raped?, What should I do if I was raped?, what steps can i take to reduce my risk of being raped?

A complete state by state listing of Statutes of Limitations by State for Rape and Sexual Assult. This listing was recently compiled by in August of 2006.

Becoming a forensic nurse can be an exceptionally rewarding journey. Forensic nursing is an emerging field that offers financial benefits to forensic nurses as well as perks not found in traditional nursing.

NEW! Sexually Transmitted Disease Treatment Guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

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