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IAFN - International Association of Forensic Nurses

IAFN - International Association of Forensic Nurses

The International Association of Forensic Nurses or IAFN for short, is the overseeing body for the field of Forensic Nursing. Their website defines the mission statement of the IAFN as: "The mission of the IAFN is to provide leadership in forensic nursing practice by developing, promoting, and disseminating information internationally about forensic nursing science."

The IAFN currently has 27 regional IAFN chapters around the country. It also sponsors an annual scientific assembly each year in an effort to bring together its members and discuss current issues in forensis nursing, as well as future issues.

The IAFN also established the Forensic Nursing Certification Board (FNCB) in 2002. This certification board was founded in an effort by the IAFN to promote a national standard of forensic nurses. This founding principle is one of the things that makes forensic nurses such a valuable tool. By standardizing the care and evidence collection procedure, victims, law enforcement, district attorneys, and other governing bodies have a clear and uniform set of ethics and evidence that can be defended in a court of law over and over again.

The stated goals of the IAFN include the following:

  • To incorporate primary prevention strategies into our work at every level in an attempt to create a world without violence.
  • To establish and improve standards of evidence-based forensic nursing practice.
  • To promote and encourage the exchange of ideas and transmission of developing knowledge among its members and related disciplines.
  • To establish standards of ethical conduct for forensic nurses.
  • To create and facilitate educational opportunities for forensic nurses and related disciplines.

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For more information about the IAFN, you can reach them using the following information:

IAFN Home Office
1517 Ritchie Hwy, Ste 208
Arnold, MD 21012-2323
Phone: 410-626-7805
Fax: 410-626-7804

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